Our Pricing

Registration is FREE and there are NO monthly charges. You only pay for the SMS's you send.
Payments can be made by credit card on the site or by direct deposit/electronic transfer into our bank account. During the purchase process you will be guided as to what is required from you in order to activate the service.

Our highly competitive pricing*!

Quantity ZAR/c ex VAT Bulk Discount ZAR/c incl VAT
1-500R 0.330%0.38
501-1000R 0.31-6%0.35
1001-2000R 0.30-9%0.34
2001-3000R 0.28-15%0.32
3001-5000R 0.27-18%0.31
5001-10000R 0.24-27%0.27
10001-20000R 0.23-30%0.26
20001-50000R 0.22-33%0.25
50001-100000R 0.20-39%0.23
100001+R 0.19-42%0.22
* Excluding value added services